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Protect Your Online Store

Stop fraudulent orders and theft before they happen.

Prevent unauthorized resales.

Spend less time on manual review.

Keep more of the money you make.


Most e-commerce stores lose 5-10% of their sales to theft from fraudulent orders, stolen credit cards, and chargebacks. It costs time and money to catch and fight these attacks.

Merchant Protector makes you faster and more accurate at detecting risky orders before they become a problem.


Always-On Fraud Prevention

Automatic, lightning-fast analysis of EVERY order - delivered straight to

  • Your order dashboard
  • Your email inbox
  • or even your help desk software

Fast, Straightforward Followup

Merchant Protector makes the most complicated, time consuming part of fraud prevention easy and fast with customizable order confirmations.

Request more information from any customer with the click of a button.


Fully customizable alerting rules and preferences

Crowdsourced early warning system

Industry leading detection APIs

Integrated social media data

Satisfaction guaranteed

Works with your favorite providers

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Free trial - no credit card required

No contract.

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