You can use Request Email Confirmation feature as a simple, practical way to weed out fraudulent orders and get a little more information about orders. By using it, you can get another layer of assurance that an order is from a real person. Here's How It Works:

You see an order in your Merchant Protector dashboard that you want some more information about.

Click the button that says "Request Email Confirmation"


We send an email to the customer, asking them to confirm their order by clicking on a special link.


When the customer confirms the order, we update the order information in your dashboard with this new information. IP geolocation helps us know where the customer confirmed the order from.


What additional information can I get from a confirmation?

Good question. The order detail screen shows two addresses and one estimated location:

How does an order confirmation protect me?

Order confirmations are a practical deterrent, not a legal one. Requesting a confirmation usually does not provide you with any additional protection in the event of a chargeback.

However, it has been our experience that order confirmations work to make it that much more difficult for criminals to place fraudulent orders. A lot of order fraud is scattershot - the perpetrators don't really care about the orders they are placing, and the success of an individual order is not very important to them. So in practice, the order confirmation tends to weed out a large percentage of fraudulent orders.

Do I have to confirm every order?

Nope, you can confirm exactly and only the orders you want.

How can I customize the request email?

The entire email is customizeable - you can upload your own logo, set the name of the sender, and provide a custom subject line. Instructions on getting started are on your preferences page.