Merchant Protector exists because it's too easy to steal from e-commerce stores. Payment providers (like credit card companies and Paypal) do a lot to protect customers, but it happens at the expense of the merchant. The payment processor and the customer are protected, and the merchant is left out to dry.

The average online store loses 5 - 10% of its sales to fraudulent orders, and anyone who has had a fraudulent order knows it costs a lot more than just revenue. There's shipping, paperwork, chargeback appeals, lost stock, and even increased processing rates.

Our goal is to help 100,000 stores make 10% more money by protecting them from fraud.


Will Ronco, Founder

Will Ronco created and runs Merchant Protector. He has worked with over 200 online stores to optimize sales, minimize fraud, and analyze visitor trends. He lives in Colorado and enjoys triathlons and beer.