Fraudulent order from a known customers are called "Friendly Fraud." But it's not "friendly" at all - it's a risk and a waste of time for your business. Our Friendly Fraud prevention system is laser focused on rooting out people who are trying to scam or cheat you. We stop bad customers, so you don't waste time and money dealing with them.

  • Save time on investigating orders.
  • Save money on chargebacks, lost inventory, and shipping.
  • Protect your online reputation from dishonest customers.

History and Purchase Patterns

Difficult customers are, well, difficult! We keep a log of their activity, and match new orders against that database. We'll find similarities in areas like:

  • Name or Email
  • Payment Method
  • Location
  • Device
  • Address

Fraudulent orders are marked in red, so you can easily see any similarity between the current order and past problem customers.


Integrations To Fit Your Workflow

Merchant Protector has a fully featured dashboard showing all of your orders. But we also fit smoothly into your existing workflow. Get notifications posted straight to:

  • Your Email
  • Your Shopify Dashboard
  • A Slack Channel
  • More Coming Soon!


Advanced Location Mapping

Where is the billing address in relation to the shipping address? And where was the order placed from in relation to both of those? It's easy to visualize all of this with our built-in mapping.


Email Confirmations

Sometimes you need a little more information from a customer - now you have a built-in way to ask for it. Send an email branded with your logo asking for confirmation - we'll tell you when they confirmed the order, where they confirmed the order from, and what kind of device they used!