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From big data to crowdsourced learning to custom settings, we take everything possible into account to keep your store safe.

Social Customer Data

We scour publicly available social data to tell you even more about your customers.


Fraud Alert APIs

Each of your orders is checked against databases of fraudulent and suspicious activity, and bring any concerns to your attention. You'll know if the order was placed from a virus-infected computer, or if the email address is known to have been compromised. You can even see when someone uses a prepaid credit card.


Explanations Built In

You won't feel lost in jargon or technical terms. We've built in explanations of any technical terms.

If you need help, advice, or explanations, you can reach out to us any time.


History and Purchase Patterns

You want to know if you get new orders from past customers. Merchant Protector gives you even more: you can see orders that share an email, IP address, billing or shipping address, or customer name.

We also flag abnormally large orders for you, so you can easily treat them with the care they require.


Advanced Location Mapping

Where is the billing address in relation to the shipping address? And where was the order placed from in relation to both of those? It's easy to visualize all of this with our built-in mapping.


Email Confirmations

Sometimes you need a little more information from a customer - now you have a built-in way to ask for it. Send an email branded with your logo asking for confirmation - we'll tell you when they confirmed the order, where they confirmed the order from, and what kind of device they used!


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