Community Edition

Blocks "Friendly Fraud"

Professional Edition

Blocks "Friendly Fraud" PLUS Bot Fraud

Real Time Screening

We process every single one of your orders immediately as it is received.

Customizeable Alerts

Choose your own risk levels for manual review or cancellation recommendation.

Built In Confirmation Emails

A powerful tool for ensuring the legitimacy of questionable orders.

Advanced Customer Identification

Easily block problem customers with advanced identity matching.

Customer Geo-Location
Social Media Data
Botnet Protection
3rd Party API Data

We aggregate risk data from multiple outside data providers.

Custom Development

Development of new rule types, integration with your CRM / order processing system, custom notifications.

Choose It If

You need to identify and block problem customers.

You need the ultimate in customizable fraud prevention.

Monthly Price
$39 first 1000 orders
additional orders $29 per 1000
$99 first 1000 orders
additional orders $79 per 1000

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

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